Axel Andaroth

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Web-stack developer passionate about new technologies

I was young when I wrote my first line of code, I've always been interested in the computers' world.
At first, I learned to handle any design tool and also mastering the art of code mostly by myself.

My natural taste of unknown and my initiative made me discover a lot of wonders, I'd be glad to help you getting online and expands all over the Internet !

My dev's journey

Trip to knowledge

1. Being at the right place at the right moment

Junior Web Developer at BeCode, 2017-2018


Studied at Albert Jacquard, 2013 to 2016


2. Start from scratch

HTML5 warrior
CSS3 wizard
JavaScript writer

3. Learn frameworks

Worked professionnally with PolymerJS
Worked on multiple React projects
Started Angular a few moments ago

4. Get more skills

Everybody says I'm good at PHP
NodeJS was in my sci-fi dreams
Keep learning since 2005
My portfolio