Axel Andaroth

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Web-stack developer passionate about new technologies

Since I was 12 years old, I've always been interested in the virtual world.
I learned to handle any design tool and also mastering the art of code.

My natural taste of unknown and my initiative made me discover a lot of wonders, I'd be glad to help you getting online and expands all over the Internet !

My dev's journey

🔗 Trip to knowledge

Being at the right place at the right moment

Junior Web Developer at BeCode, 2017-2018


Studied at Albert Jacquard, 2013 to 2016


Discovering a lot of things

Quite an elite in HTML5
Really good at CSS, SCSS and SASS
JavaScript with and without jQuery
PHP is nice to focus on
NodeJS is really cool, I like how it works
Can use Python for RaspBerry

I started coding in 2005 !

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